Tuesday, June 30, 2009

post-4th of july fun at beerland

7/5: Sunday at Beerland (21+)

Ty Segall
Charlie and the Moonhearts
Midnight Creeps

recover from your 4th of july hangover with M.O.T.O. at beerland! nothing like a dark, cool club and lo-fi punk for sunburned skin.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ultimate metal night

7/6: Monday at Emo's (outside) (all ages) ($20 advance)
Pentagram (only Texas reunion show)
Outlaw Order
Wolves in the Throne Room
The Roller
( buy tickets )

jesus fucking christ, where do i even start with this one? heavy heavy heavy dirty fucked up sludgy dirty metal. METAL.

i'd be surprised if this didn't sell out - buy your ticket in advance!

7/7: Tuesday at Emo's (all ages) (inside) ($8)
abe vigoda
talbot tagora
loser life

this should be a fun one. although abe vigoda is often lumped in with no age, given their shared hometown (los angeles) and similar art/pop/punk vibe, they're definitely their own beast. they'll be bringing their own brand of fuzzed out, noisy, dancy punk. i really don't know much about talbot tagora aside from the fact that they have a cover of elastica's "connection" up on their myspace. if they play it live it could be worth the price of admission alone. loser life are more straight ahead punk than the other bands. let's put it this way: less L.A., more bakersfield.

and now for something somewhat different: deer tick at emo's

7/9: Thursday at Emo's (all ages) (inside) ($10)
deer tick
shed alfred
( buy tickets )

after monday's pentagram show you may need to change gears a little bit. if so, stop by emo's for a night of alt-country/indie/blues featuring deer tick, dawes, and shed alfred.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

austin punk map

my buddy bryan (who is not even an austinite... yet!) sat down and plotted lots of punk-friendly spots around austin on a google map. he's got venues, record stores, restaurants, bars, etc. eventually it looks like it will have a calendar of punk events in austin, too. this will be especially useful for out of towners, especially those with fancy phones. very cool!

czech it out

black twilight tour: black metal up your ass

7/3: Red 7 (all ages)
bone awl
total abuse

do you like black metal? you do? be here. this also may be total abuse's tour kickoff or pre-tour show, so come out and support them.

also at emo's on the 20th

if ramones style pop punk isn't quite hard enough for you, check out the inside stage at emo's saturday night. unholy grave from japan (famous for their prolificacy with split records) will be grinding the shit out of the small room with magrudergrind and texan dudes pretty little flower and hatred surge. should be brutalific.

6/20: Emo's (inside) (all ages)

unholy grave
pretty little flower
hatred surge

pop punk weekend at emo's

i've been fucking waiting for this weekend for so long and it's almost here! two days of pop punk fun at emo's!

6/19: Emo's (all ages) (outside stage) (SOLD THE FUCK OUT)
screeching weasel (!!!!!!!!!!)
the sweethearts

6/20: Emo's (all ages) (outside stage) ($12)
the riverdales
the sweethearts
teenage cool kids

as if screeching weasel and the riverdales weren't enough, the opening bands on these shows are all a+. so excited!

TUESDAY: francis harold & the holograms at beerland

6/16: Beerland (21+)
francis harold & the holograms
when dinosaurs ruled the earth
snake farm

in reading up on francis harold & the holograms, i kept seeing words like: demented, sick, twisted, nightmare, awesome, filthy, glorious garbage, drugged out, unwholesome. i'm in!

see you tuesday for flipper/brainbombs lo-fi punk.