Thursday, July 30, 2009

gun outfit and some of texas's finest at beerland next week

8/6: Thursday at Beerland (21+)
gun outfit
ghost knife
teenage cool kids

now this is a show! here we have four viciously catchy bands, but all varied enough that you won't get bored. teenage cool kids (who we've talked up on this blog before) are coming down from denton with jangly built to spill style pop and hopefully copies of their new lp, "foreign lands." between ghost knife and deskonocidos, we have members of practically every worthwhile functional punk band in austin and songs guaranteed to get stuck in your head for days. stopping in from olympia, gun outfit are constantly compared to dinosaur jr and the meat puppets, which i suppose is fair given that they're angular and driven and catchy all at the same time. it's familiar without being derivative and really just pretty fucking solid. if you haven't heard their lp, "dim light," yet, it would probably be worth stopping by the show just to pick it up.

and if all that doesn't sell you, beerland is very well air-conditioned. and they have cold beer. lots of it.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

this friday at the mohawk: freak psych gothic americana folk

7/24: Friday at the Mohawk (all ages)
Warmer Milks
Tiny Vipers

Moody, weird folk night at Mohawk!