Tuesday, May 26, 2009

we survived!

chaos in tejas went off without a hitch and we all had the best fucking time. thanks to everyone who came out, the bands who played, the punx on the corner, the hilton garden inn for not calling the cops, the staff at the clubs, the writers/photographers who covered the fest, etc.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

tomorrow: go see some fucking art

good buddy and poster artist extraordinaire jack barfield is having a posters & photos show at the hyde park parlor opening tomorrow. jack's been making posters for punk gigs for years now, and if you live in austin you've seen dozens of them and probably even own one or two. he's pretty handy around a camera, too! i'm not sure what he's got in store for the show, but it will be good. it's free at the hyde park parlor and will be up all week... stop by, have a beer and a slice of vegan pizza.

the parlor - hyde park
4301B guadalupe

if that wasn't enough barfield for you, jack and dominique are having the punkest wedding reception all week at the mohawk.

5/24: Sunday at the Mohawk (all ages) (2pm)
The Hex Dispensers
The Altars

Monday, May 18, 2009

printable chaos in tejas schedule

many thanks to jack for putting this together. it's a printable pdf listing of all the shows (and art shows) happening this weekend complete with addresses and set times. print it out, put it in your chaos pouch, and take it with you for the fest.

[ download ]
( apologies for the mediafire link, i have no other way of hosting files. if this won't work and you'd like it emailed to you, let me know at blasphamy [at] gmail[dot]com )

and because i'm feeling charitable, here's a map with all the show locations on it. do note that the bridge show is not listed because the cops are not invited. ask around, you'll figure it out.

not chaos in tejas related, but still of interest

if you're downtown friday night and need a little break from all the punk, stop by red 7 for some metal.

5/22: Friday at Red 7 (all ages) ($8)
Bible of the Devil (Chicago)
Zoroaster (Atlanta)
Mouth of the Architect (Dayton)
White Rhino
Small Stone.

if you didn't buy a cock sparrer ticket before they sold out, consider it a kind of consolation prize. you're welcome.

updated warcry/AI tour dates

ok becau​se of thing​s out of our hands​.​.​we had to chang​e the tour below​.​
so these are the new and final dates.
WARCR​Y (​from portl​and,​OR)​ will be takin​g A.I. (​from japan​)​ on their​ 1st U.S tour start​ing in May.
A.I are one of the best bands i have seen in japan.
and Warcry always kill it..so make sure you spread the word and come out to see them.

WARCR​Y / A.I. tour 2009
5/19 - Dento​n,​TX at Rubbe​r Glove​s w/ Crude​ 5/20 - Houst​on,​TX at TMMC Warehouse(2305 Lyons Ave, 77020) with Dissent and 50/50
5/21 - SAT MAY 23rd Austi​n,​TX at Chaos​ in Tejas​ Festi​val
5/25 - Flagstaff,AZ
5/26 - Phoen​ix,​AZ at the Phix (1113 NW Grand Ave) w/ Skitkids
5/27 - DAY OFF!
5/28 - Mexic​ali,​Mexic​o at El Escondite w/ Coaccion
5/30 - San Diego,CA at the Che Cafe(early show at 5pm and over by 7:30)
5/31 - Boyle Heights, CA at the Blvd Cafe (2631 Whittier Blvd) w/ Doomsday Hour and Against Empire
6/1 - DAY OFF
6/2 - Isla Vista​,​CA
6/3 - San Jose,​CA
6/4 - San Fran,​CA at the Eagle​ w/ Needl​es
6/5 - Berkl​ey,​CA at 924 Gilma​n St. w/ SAHN MARU,AGAINST EMPIRE and MORPHEME
6/6 - Portl​and,​OR at Satyricon w/ Hellshock and Nerveskade
6/7 - Portl​and,​OR w/ Lebenden Toten and Dead Section (no Warcry)
6/8 - Seatt​le,​WA at Holy Mountain w/ Iron Lung

Saturday, May 16, 2009

chaos in tejas kickoff party!

Wednesday at Red 7 (all ages) (outside) ($8 for 21+, $10 for minors)

Ponytail - 12:45
Harlem - 12:00
Teenage Cool Kids - 11:15
Yellow Fever - 10:30
(buy tickets)

"Baltimore group Ponytail won its crowd by sheer virtue of joyously splattered madness. Its 2008 release Ice Cream Spiritual flings singer Molly Siegel’s yowls and barks against her band’s fractured but accessibly perky scribblings and squawks for a wiry, jerky art-rock sound that follows artists like Marnie Stern and Deerhoof into the realm of spastic virtuosity. The band’s albums are unhinged, to be sure, but the live show goes wilder. The media have praised the infectious exuberance of the band’s live shows, in which the members of Ponytail display their penchant for screaming non-sequiturs, dancing spastically, and—if the audience is lucky—tossing candy out into the crowd."
- The Onion

it's going to be a great show all around (i'm especially excited to see teenage cool kids again) and will kick off five days of punk and debauchery. let's get this mother started!


MOHAWK - 9pm, outside stage, all ages
LICHENS (featuring rob lowe from 90 day men)

"Since 1984, Japanese psych-rock band Ghost has been crafting a lush, multicolored sound that goes heavy on the martial percussion and theremin while still finding its center around troupe-leader Masaki Batoh’s acoustic guitar and mastery of a mind-boggling number of traditional Japanese instruments. Ghost is the sort of mythologized band that releases material two or three times, and it reportedly spent time living in both abandoned Buddhist temples and abandoned Tokyo subway stations. Fittingly, its music synthesizes the pastoral and modern, drawing equally from the hypnotic mechanics of Krautrock and the spacey organics of ’60s West Coast psychedelia. Lichens is the solo project of 90 Day Men’s Rob Lowe, who builds eerie, meditative drones from finger-picked guitar and wordless howls."
- The Onion

timmy reports that these guys refused to come to the united states until bush was out of office. how awesome is that? go see them.

while you're in austin for the fest...

stop by rio rita (1308 e 6th st) to see an amazing photography exhibit featuring some of our favorite people/artists:

chrissy piper
brian maryansky
will kinser
autumn spadaro
katherine strickland
karoline collins
brett bays

it opens thursday, may 21st at 5pm

Monday, May 11, 2009

west coast: go see hjertestop and deskonocidos this week and next

HJERTESTOP and DESKONOCIDOS are going on tour starting tomorrow in austin.
both bands are awesome (SO AWESOME - ed.).
I just put out a 7" for Deskonocidos so you should buy it from them.
they also have their 2nd 7" for sale on lengua armada records and
a split 7" out w/ Sacred Shock.
bring both bands food and beer and rare records....or just bring
yourself at least.

HJERTESTOP (from denmark)
DESKONOCIDOS (from texas)

5/11 - Austin, TX at Club 1808 w/ Sacred Shock and Ghost Knife
5/12 - Tempe, AZ at The Slurp (625 S. Smith St.) w/ Cultura Libertaria
5/13 - Los Angeles, CA at The Boulevard Cafe (2631 Whitter Blvd in
Boyle Heights) w/ Neon Maniacs and Mundo Muerto
5/14 - San Jose, CA at the Smile Factory (888 E. Santa Clara St.) w/
Resin Hits and Flat Out
5/15 - San Francisco, CA at Sub-Mission w/ Peligro Social, Destino Final and TVE
5/16 - Oakland, CA w/ Ruidos
5/17 - Sacramento, CA at the Java Lounge w/ Rat Damage and Catch Hell,
5/18 - Los Angeles, CA at CJC (1137 E. Redondo Blvd in Inglewood) w/
Tuberculosis and Rayos X
5/19 - OFF TO DRIVE!
5/20 - Fort Worth, TX at 1919 Hemphill w/ Destino Final, FUK (ex Chaos
UK) and Doomsday Hour
5/21 - Austin, TX CHAOS IN TEJAS
5/22 - Austin, TX CHAOS IN TEJAS
5/23 - Austin, TX CHAOS IN TEJAS
5/24 - Austin, TX CHAOS IN TEJAS

midnight west coast/texas tour

MIDNIGHT who are one of the best metal bands in the U.S are going to the west coast for the first time in may and coming back to texas for luckily the 3rd time.

go see them.
spread the word.
they rule.
buy shaun drinks.

5/14 - Olympia, WA at the Big Room (508 Legion Way) w/ general surgery,​ engorged and funerot
5/15 - Portland, OR at Plan b w/ Ripper and Warwolves
5/16 - Oakland, CA at donnys sugar mountain(2515 san pablo) w/ Mind and Futur Skulls
5/17 - San Fran, CA at thee parkside w/ Velnias,​Hellhunter and Acephalix
5/18 - Los Angeles, CA the boulevard cafe (2631 Whittier Blvd in Boyle Heights) w/ Lack of Interest, ​Absolute Madness and Sin Remidio
5/19 - Long Beach, CA at di piattzi w/ Summarian Axe, Broken Needle, Bastard and Mundo
5/20 - Tempe, AZ at the slurp (625 S. Smith St.) w/ Slut Sister and Standards
5/21 - OFF
5/22 - Dallas, TX at club dada w/ Outlaw Order
5/23 - Austin, TX at Emo’s w/ Amebix, Pierced Arrows, ​Judgement, ​AI,​Warcry, ​Outlaw Order and Drunkdriver
5/24 - San Antonio, TX at the rock bottom tattoo bar w/ Hexlust and Butchered Saint

Monday, May 4, 2009

final chaos in tejas lineup with set times & prices

the fest is almost two weeks away! here's the set times for all of the shows so you can plan how you're going to be in three places at once.

keep in mind, tickets are going fast... COCKSPARRER is sold out. the three day emo's passes are sold out. BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW, the rest of the shows will definitely sell out.

5/20: Wednesday at Red 7 (inside) (all ages) (FREE)
DJ Logatraz MOTHERFUCKER of Vaaska

5/20: Wednesday at Red 7 (all ages) (outside) ($8 for 21+, $10 for minors)
chaos in tejas kick off party with...
Ponytail - 12:45
Harlem - 12:00
Teenage Cool Kids - 11:15
Yellow Fever - 10:30
(buy tickets)

5/21: Thursday at Mohawk (all ages) ($15)
Propagandhi (myspace) - 10:45
Trash Talk (myspace) - 10:00
Bridge and Tunnel - 9:15
Canadian Rifle - 8:30
(buy tickets)

5/21: Thursday at Emo's (inside) (all ages) ($10)
Extra Golden - 12:45
Ted Leo - 11:30
Ghost Knife - 10:45
Fingaar Bangaar - 10:00
(buy tickets)

5/21: Thursday at Emo's (outside) (all ages) ($20)
Cro-Mags - 12:45
Skitkids (sweden) - 12:00
Crude (japan) - 11:15
Annihilation Time (myspace) - 10:30
FUK (england...ex Chaos UK) - 9:45
No Tolerance - 9:15
Vaaska - 8:30
(buy tickets to this show)

5/21: Thursday at Beerland (21+) ($10)
the Bellrays - 12:30
Broken Gold - 11:30
Black Panda 10:30

5/22: Friday at Emo's (outside/inside) (all ages) ($29)
Cock Sparrer - 12:15
Brutal Knights - 11:30
Peligro Social (last show ever) - 10:45
Destino Final (spain..ex Invasion) - 10:00
Hjertestop (denmark) - 9:15
Young Offenders - 8:30
Obliteration - 8:00
the Hex Dispensers - 7:15

5/22: Friday at Mohawk (all ages) ($12 in advance/$14 at the door)
the Thermals - 11:00
Shaky Hands - 10:00
Til We're Blue or Destroy - 9:00
(buy tickets)

5/22: Friday at Beerland (21+) ($4)
Homopolice - 12:00
Drunkdriver with Mattin (Billy Bao) - 11:15
Country Club - 10:30

Deflag Haemorrhage/​Haien Kontra - 9:45
Hatred Surge - 9:00

5/22: Friday After Party at Broken Neck (all ages) ($6)
World Burns to Death
AI (japan)

5/22: Friday After Party on the Bridge FREE! (all ages)
Career Suicide

5/23: Saturday Day Party (3pm) at Beerland (21 and up) ($5)
Career Sucide - 4:30
Doomsday Hour - 3:45
Porkeria - 3:00

5/23: Saturday Night at Emo's (outside) (all ages) ($20)
Amebix - 12:45
Judgement (japan..only U.S. show) - 10:45
Pierced Arrows (2/3 of Dead Moon) - 11:30
AI (japan) - 10:00
Warcry - 9:15
Outlaw Order - 8:15
Midnight - 7:30
Drunkdriver - 6:45
(buy tickets to this show)

5/23: Saturday Night at Emo's (inside) (all ages) ($12)
Times New Viking - 12:30
Nodzzz - 11:45
the Strange Boys - 11:00
XYX (mexico) - 10:15
Ratas Del Vaticano (mexico) - 9:30
(buy tickets to this show)

5/23: Saturday at Red 7 (all ages) ($10 in advance/$12 at the door, or $10 at the door with a stamp from emo's)
the Business (england) - 12:45
Krum Bums - 11:30
the Broadsiders - 10:45
Doomdsay Hour - 10:00
Big Blow (members of the Wax Museums) - 9:15
(buy tickets)

5/23: Saturday After Party at the Broken Neck (all ages) ($6)
Severed Head of State
Sacred Shock

5/24: Sunday - free early show at Sound on Sound! 4pm
Ratas Del Vaticano (mexico)

5/24: Sunday at Red 7 (outside) (all ages) ($15)
Eyehategod - 12:45
Harvey Milk - 11:30
Crude (japan) - 10:45
Mind Eraser - 10:00
Iron Age - 9:15
Unit 21 - 8:30
(buy tickets)

5/24: Sunday at Red 7 (inside) FREE! (all ages)

5/24: Sunday at Beerland (21 and up) ($7)
Pierced Arrows - 12:00
Young Offenders - 11:15
Manikin - 10:30
Deskonocidos - 9:45

CAN'T MAKE IT to TEXAS? you can still catch SKITKIDS, CRUDE / UNIT 21 on the east coast, DESKONOCIDOS on the west coast, HJERTESTOP on the west coast, WARCRY / AI on the west coast!