Wednesday, March 10, 2010

BLOWFLY this saturday night!

official after party for his movie playing that night..the horn section from polyphonic spree AND charles "the king" glenn (little richard's bassist of 27 years) AND three strippers will be w/ him! not to be missed!

it's gonna be epic!


UPDATE CHAOS IN TEJAS INFO ( not that anybody gives a shit)

Thursday at End Of An Ear Tim Kerr Art Show Opening
Tim Kerr and friends-5pm

Thursday at Red 7 ($16)
X (Australia) 1:00-1:45
the Spits 12:05-12:45
Ty Segall 11:20-11:50
Grass Widow 10:35-11:05
Wild Thing 9:50-10:20
Bad Sports 9:05-9:35

Thursday at Emo's (outside) ($18)
Crow (japan) 12:00-12:45
Talk is Poison 11:15-11:45
Wasted Time 10:35-11:00
Kyklooppein Sukupuutto (Finland) 9:50-10:20
Nerveskade 9:15-9:35
Mind Eraser 8:30-9:00
Mother Of Mercy-7:45-8:15

Thursday at Beerland
Broken Gold

Thursday after party at the Broken Neck (2:30am-4am) ($5)
Kyklooppein Sukupuutto (Finland)
Arctic Flowers (ex deathreat/signal lost/the observers)
the Altars

Friday day show at Beerland ($5)
Acid Reflux
Hatred Surge

Friday at the Mohawk (outside) ($12)
the Ponys-11:00-12:00
Jeff the Brotherhood-9:15-9:45
Woven Bones-8:30-9:00

Friday at Mohawk (inside)
Cowabunga Babes-1:00-1:30

Friday at Emo's (outside) (SOLD OUT)
Bastard ( time reunion) 1:00-1:45
Subhumans (england) 12:00-12:45
the Marked Men 11:00-11:45
Walls 10:15-10:45
Rival Mob 9:30-10:00
Kim Phuc 8:45-9:15
Vaaska 8:00-8:30

Friday at Emo's (inside)
Brilliant Colors-12:15-12:50
Blessure Grave-11:30-12:00
Masshysteri (sweden)-10:45-11:15
Gun Outfit-10:00-10:30
True Widow-9:15-9:45

Friday at Red 7 (outside) ($12)
Toxic Holocaust

Friday at Red 7 (inside)
Iron Age
the Roller

Friday after party at the broken neck (2:30-4am) ($5)
World Burns to Death
Slang (Japan)

Sat Morning breakfast show at Thunderbird Coffee
Iron Lung 11:45-12:15
Acephalix 11:00-11:30am

Sat day show at Beerland
Crow (Japan)-5:20-6:00
Waste Management-4:40-5:05
???? -3:45-4:25
Night Siege-3:00-3:30

Sat day show at Trailer Space (FREE)
Ghost Knife-6:30-7:00
Jeff Burke-5:45-6:15
Mind Spiders (members of the Marked Men)-5:00-5:30
Teenage Cool Kids-4:15-4:45

Sat at Emo's (outside) ($20)
Poison Idea 1:00-1:45
the Pist 12:00-12:45
Slang (japan) 11:15-11:45
Masshysteri (sweden) 10:30-11:00
Morpheme 9:50-10:15
La Urss (spain) 9:05-9:35
Deskonocidos 8:20-8:50

Sat at Emo's (inside) (SOLD OUT)
Inquisition (columbia) 11:45-12:30
Bone Awl 11:00-11:30
Volahn 10:15-10:45
Twin Stumps 9:40-10:00
Viper 9:00-9:25

Sat at Red 7 (outside) ($12)
Lion Of Judah
Ninja Gun
Shanghai River

Sat at Red 7 (inside)
Airfix Kits

Sat at the Mohawk (outside) ($12)
Quintron and Miss Pussycat-10:45-12:00
Box Elders-10:00-10:30
Psychedelic Horseshit-9:15-9:45
Ratas Del Vaticano (mexico)-8:30-9:00

Sat at Mohawk (inside)
Fungi Girls-1:00-1:30
Fergus & Geronimo-12:15-12:45

Sat after party at the Broken Neck (2:30-4am)
Salted City (members of talk is poison/call the police/warcry)
You People
Hot-Rails to Hell

Sunday day show at Beerland
Subhumans (england)-6:00-7:00
Cross Stitched Eyes-5:10-5:45
Criaturas (members of severed head of state/vaaska/deskonocidos/signal

Sunday instore Trailer Space (FREE)
Stoned at Heart (members of toys that kill/underground railroad to candyland)
Fungi Girls
Wild America

Sunday at Emo's (outside) ($20)
Rorschach 12:05-12:50
Bastard Noise (Wood,Connell and Nelson) 11:10-11:50
Morne 10:10-10:50
Gehenna 9:20-10:50
Yellow Tears 8:45-9:05
Mammoth Grinder 8:00-8:30

Sunday at Beerland ($10)
the Marked Men 1:00-1:45
Toys that Kill 12:15-12:45
Young Offenders 11:30-12:00
Wild Thing 10:45-11:15
the Hex Dispensers 10:00-10:30

all shows are all ages except the shows at beerland which is 21 and up.
tickets for shows at emo's TICKETS or at
end of an ear or waterloo records if you live in ausitn.
tickets for shows at red 7 and mohawk at transmission entertainment.

Fucking Butchery

Slang (sapporo,japan)
Mind Eraser
World Burns to Death

Slang U.S tour 2009

May 27th to the 30th Austin,TX at Chaos in Tejas Fest
May 31st Dallas,TX the Prophet Bat w/ Subhumans,Cross Stitched Eyes and Unit 21
June 1st Dallas,TX at the Phoenix Project (406 s. haskell st.) w/ Mind
Eraser,Tolar and Power Trip
June 2nd St Louis,MO at Fubar (3108 Locust St) w/ MInd Eraser
June 3rd Milwaukee,WI at the Eagles Nest (825 east center st) w/ Mind Eraser
June 4th Chicago,IL w/ Mind Eraser
June 5th Detroit,MI w/ Mind Eraser
June 6th Cleveland,OH at Now That's Class w/ Mind
Eraser,Inmates,Pigsticker and Mad Minds
June 7th Pittsburgh,PA at the new roboto project w/ Mind Eraser and Kim Phuc
June 8th Albany,NY at Valentines w/ Mind Eraser,Brain Killer,Coughing
Fit,Pointblank and Damnation Ally
June 9th Brooklyn,NY at Death By Audio w/ Mind Eraser and Nomos
June 10th Boston,MA w/ World Burns to Death and Mind Eraser
June 11th Providence,RI at AS220 w/ World Burns to Death,Mind Eraser
and Neon Bitches
June 12th NYC,NY at the Cake Shop w/ World Burns to Death,Absurd
System and Perdition
June 13th Philly,PA w/ World Burns to Death and Blacklisted
June 14th OFF
June 15th Baltimore,MD at the Barclay House (2101 Barclay St) w/ World
Burns to Death,the Wankys and Lotus Fucker and Chaos Destroy
June 16th Richmond,VA w/ World Burns to Death and Wasted Time
June 17th North Carolina w/ World Burns to Death
June 18th Atlanta,GA at 585 Wells st w/ World Burns to Death,American
Cheeseburger and Bukkake Boys
June 19th New Orleans,LA w/ World Burns to Death
June 20th Houston,TX at the Mink w/ World Burns to Death

I dont wanna go out, but I will for this.

X (australia)
(seattle/sub pop records)

X (australia) / A-Frames U.S. tour 2010

Thurs May 20th Olympia,WA at Northern w/ Gun Outfit
Fri May 21st Seattle,WA at the Funhouse w/ Walls
Sat May 22nd Portland,OR at Slabtown
Sun May 23rd Woodland,CA at Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom IX Fest
w/ Rank/Xerox,Jacuzzi Boys and a bunch more.
Mon May 24th San Fran,CA at the Hemlock w/ Hank IV
Tuesday May 25th L.A.,CA at the Five Star Bar w/ the Lamps
Wed May 26th DRIVE
Thurs May 27th Austin,TX at Chaos in Tejas Fest (X will perform this
night at Red 7 w/ the Spits,Ty Segall,Wild Thing and Bad Sports)
Fri May 28th Austin,TX at Chaos in Tejas Fest (A-Frames will perform
this night at the Mohawk w/ the Ponys,Jeff the Brotherhood and Woven
Sat May 29th Denton,TX at Rubber Gloves w/ Video
Sunday May 30th Las Cruces,NM at the TRAINYARD (102 CONWAY SPACE 3W)
w/ Far Corners and Real Blood
Mon May 31st Pheonix,AZ at the Rhythm Room w/ Earthmen and Strangers
and Pigeon Religion
Tues June 1st San Diego,CA at the Soda Bar w/ Christmas Island
Wed June 2nd Long Beach,CA at Alex's Bar w/ Audacity
Thurs June 3rd ????
Fri June 4th San Fran,CA at the Bottom of the Hill w/ the Mantles and
DJ Cityhobb (Ryan Wells)
Sat June 5th Oakland,CA at the Stork Club