Sunday, September 13, 2009

bill daniel, texas punk photography legend, has a new site...

if you've ever seen a collection of photographs of texas punk bands from the early 80s, chances are you've seen bill daniel's work. from 1980 through 1984, he photographed every local and touring punk band he could see... to the tune of about 12,000 photos. in addition to punk shows, his portfolio contains shots of the skating and graffiti worlds and the abandoned rust belt casualty of braddock, pennsylvania.

original multiples gallery has been working with bill to make prints of his photographs available. and not just available - available affordably. original multiples is supporting his new site, check it if you have a chance. all prints are 8x10", $25, and hand printed from film. they are all signed, but not numbered. this is a great chance to get a hold of some texas punk history and support texas art!

bill daniel at

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