Thursday, April 30, 2009

awesome new chaos in tejas poster, updated shows

(this is just a list of new/amended shows during the fest. the full lineup & links to buy tickets can be found here.)

5/20: Wednesday at Red 7 (inside) (all ages)
DJ Logatraz MOTHERFUCKER of Vaaska

5/21: Thursday at Emo's (inside) (all ages) ($10)
Ted Leo
Extra Golden
Ghost Knife

5/21: Thursday at Beerland (21+) ($10)
the Bellrays
Broken Gold
Black Panda

5/22: Friday at Mohawk
the Thermals
Shaky Hands
Til We're Blue or Destroy

5/23: Saturday at Red 7 (all ages)
the Business (england)
Krum Bums
the Broadsiders
Big Blow (members of the Wax Museums)
Doomdsay Hour

5/24: Sunday - free early show at Sound on Sound! 3pm
Ratas Del Vaticano (mexico)

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