Friday, April 17, 2009

hjertestop tour dates

hjertestop played their first of many austin shows last night and blew me away. the great news is that not only will they be in austin again in a few weeks and then a few weeks after that at the fest, but they'll be all over the US in between. basically, you have no excuse not to see them.

4/17 - Denton, TX at 818 Hickory w/ Wiccans
4/18 - Houston, TX at The Mink w/ Something Fierce, No Talk
4/19 - New Orleans, LA at Saturn w/ American Cheeseburger, Thou, Necrohippies, Mania
4/20 - Atlanta, GA at Wonderroot Community Center w/ GG King, Bukkake Boys
4/21 - Raleigh, NC at The Pit w/ Logic Problem, Plague
4/22 - Richmond, VA at The Czar w/ Government Warning, Wasted Time
4/23 - College Park, MD at WMUC w/ Government Warning, No Minion, Sick Fix
4/24 - New Brunswick, NJ at America w/ Killin it, Fleshtemple, Shitfit, Wet Brain
4/25 - New York, NY at ABC NO RIO (early) with Guilt Trip, ism, Dawn of Humans, Anti Armada
4/25 - Brooklyn, NY at The Charleston (late) w/ Kontatto, Absurd System, Perdition, Atakke
4/26 - Cambridge, MA at Democracy Center w/ Libyans, Peace Creeps, Dry Hump
4/27 - Albany, NY at Valentine's w/ Anal Warhead, Bare Bones, Pointblank, Resist Control
4/28 - Bethlehem, PA at Above Ground Audio Labs w/ Fresh Meat, Middle America, Force Fed
4/29 - Pittsburgh, PA at Mr Roboto Project w/ Brain Handle, Virgin Birth
4/30 - Buffalo, NY Venue TBA w/ Brown Sugar, Resist Control
5/1 - Cleveland, OH Horriblefest 4 w/ Brown Sugar, the Stitches, Homostupids, Holy Shit!, Kajun SS, Livefastdie
5/2 - Chicago, IL at the Beat Kitchen w/ Crude, Unit 21, Closing In
5/3 - Milwaukee, WI at the Dipping Station w/ Holy Shit, Mountain Asleep, Bored Straight
5/4 - Minneapolis, MN at Memory Lanes w/ Sinks, Animals & Beasts
5/6 - Des Moines, IA at the Haunted Basement
5/7 - Kansas City, MO at the Church w/ Dark Ages
5/8 - Lawrence, KS TBA
5/9 - St. Louis, MO TBA
5/11 - Austin, TX at Club 1808 w/ Deskonocidos
5/12 - Tempe, AZ at The Slurp w/ Deskonocidos
5/13 - Los Angeles, CA at The Boulevard Cafe w/ Deskonocidos
5/14 - TBA with Deskonocidos
5/15 - Richmond, CA at Burnt Ramen w/ Peligro Social, Born/Dead, Destino Final, Deskonocidos
5/16 - San Francisco, CA at Sub-Mission w/ Peligro Social, TVE, Deskonocidos, Destroy LA
5/17 - TBA with Deskonocidos
5/18 - TBA with Deskonocidos
5/19 - TBA with Deskonocidos
5/20 - Fort Worth, TX at 1919 Hemphill w/ Destino Final, Deskonocidos, Destino Final
5/21 - Austin, TX CHAOS IN TEJAS
5/22 - Austin, TX at Emo's w/ Cock Sparrer, Brutal Knights, Peligro Social (last show ever), Destino Final, Young Offenders, Obliteration, the Hex Dispensers
5/23 - Austin, TX CHAOS IN TEJAS
5/24 - Austin, TX CHAOS IN TEJAS

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