Wednesday, April 1, 2009


legendary swedish crazymen the skitkids will FINALLY be back in the states! they were hands down one of the best shows i saw in 2005 and i'm so fucking stoked to see them again. if you are in california, austin, or minneapolis, thank your lucky stars. if not, start spanging for bus fare now!

5/21 - Austin,TX at Emo's w/ Cro-Mags, Crude (​japan)​,​ Annihilation Time, FUK (from england...ex Chaos UK), No Tolerance and Vaaska
5/26 - Canoga Park, CA, at the Cobalt Cafe
5/27 - Boyle Heights, CA at the Blvd Cafe (2631 Whittier Blvd) w/ Bastard and Bombraid
5/28 - San Fran, CA at Balazo w/ Needles,Yellow Eyes and Master Volume
5/29 - Oakland, CA at the Hazmat Wharehouse w/ Ghoul and Conquest for Death
5/30 - Minneapolis, MN at the Triple Rock w/ Assrash (reunion) and Living Hell

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