Saturday, May 16, 2009

chaos in tejas kickoff party!

Wednesday at Red 7 (all ages) (outside) ($8 for 21+, $10 for minors)

Ponytail - 12:45
Harlem - 12:00
Teenage Cool Kids - 11:15
Yellow Fever - 10:30
(buy tickets)

"Baltimore group Ponytail won its crowd by sheer virtue of joyously splattered madness. Its 2008 release Ice Cream Spiritual flings singer Molly Siegel’s yowls and barks against her band’s fractured but accessibly perky scribblings and squawks for a wiry, jerky art-rock sound that follows artists like Marnie Stern and Deerhoof into the realm of spastic virtuosity. The band’s albums are unhinged, to be sure, but the live show goes wilder. The media have praised the infectious exuberance of the band’s live shows, in which the members of Ponytail display their penchant for screaming non-sequiturs, dancing spastically, and—if the audience is lucky—tossing candy out into the crowd."
- The Onion

it's going to be a great show all around (i'm especially excited to see teenage cool kids again) and will kick off five days of punk and debauchery. let's get this mother started!

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