Saturday, May 16, 2009


MOHAWK - 9pm, outside stage, all ages
LICHENS (featuring rob lowe from 90 day men)

"Since 1984, Japanese psych-rock band Ghost has been crafting a lush, multicolored sound that goes heavy on the martial percussion and theremin while still finding its center around troupe-leader Masaki Batoh’s acoustic guitar and mastery of a mind-boggling number of traditional Japanese instruments. Ghost is the sort of mythologized band that releases material two or three times, and it reportedly spent time living in both abandoned Buddhist temples and abandoned Tokyo subway stations. Fittingly, its music synthesizes the pastoral and modern, drawing equally from the hypnotic mechanics of Krautrock and the spacey organics of ’60s West Coast psychedelia. Lichens is the solo project of 90 Day Men’s Rob Lowe, who builds eerie, meditative drones from finger-picked guitar and wordless howls."
- The Onion

timmy reports that these guys refused to come to the united states until bush was out of office. how awesome is that? go see them.

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