Monday, May 11, 2009

midnight west coast/texas tour

MIDNIGHT who are one of the best metal bands in the U.S are going to the west coast for the first time in may and coming back to texas for luckily the 3rd time.

go see them.
spread the word.
they rule.
buy shaun drinks.

5/14 - Olympia, WA at the Big Room (508 Legion Way) w/ general surgery,​ engorged and funerot
5/15 - Portland, OR at Plan b w/ Ripper and Warwolves
5/16 - Oakland, CA at donnys sugar mountain(2515 san pablo) w/ Mind and Futur Skulls
5/17 - San Fran, CA at thee parkside w/ Velnias,​Hellhunter and Acephalix
5/18 - Los Angeles, CA the boulevard cafe (2631 Whittier Blvd in Boyle Heights) w/ Lack of Interest, ​Absolute Madness and Sin Remidio
5/19 - Long Beach, CA at di piattzi w/ Summarian Axe, Broken Needle, Bastard and Mundo
5/20 - Tempe, AZ at the slurp (625 S. Smith St.) w/ Slut Sister and Standards
5/21 - OFF
5/22 - Dallas, TX at club dada w/ Outlaw Order
5/23 - Austin, TX at Emo’s w/ Amebix, Pierced Arrows, ​Judgement, ​AI,​Warcry, ​Outlaw Order and Drunkdriver
5/24 - San Antonio, TX at the rock bottom tattoo bar w/ Hexlust and Butchered Saint

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